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Data Demystified: How to use 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data to achieve a 360 degree customer view


Many marketers didn’t choose their career because they have doctorates in data science. But today’s marketer is expected to master the intricacies of data to generate and demonstrate digital engagement and ultimately optimize ROI.

In this must-attend session, two noted Data Doctors--industry legend Don “Doctor Data” Hinman (Acxiom et. al.) and his faithful sidekick Terry Nugent (mms, your digital marketing partner for a modern healthcare world) will demystify data by explaining it as if to a small child.

Learn what all the buzzwords mean to you, and toss them around in your next meeting like you own them. Learn to optimize marketing efficiency and effectiveness to benefit all parties involved so you can spend a dollar and make two (or a few)! Beat ad blockers by delivering The Right Stuff (right message, right recipient, right time, right channel…etc. etc. etc.). Master the digital universe! Or at least become a knowledgeable digital tourist ready to go native.

Dataphobes and geeks alike will benefit from the wisdom of these Jedi knights as they shed their light swords on the intricacies and exigencies of using the force that is data to overthrow the Empire of spray and pray marketing.

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Donald P. Hinman, Ph.D

Data Driven Marketing Consultant

Terry Nugent

Director, Publishing & Association Strategic Development
Medical Marketing Service, Inc.

Amy Benicewicz



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