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Activating People-based Marketing


Today, we are moving toward true people-based marketing, innovating and creating more intimate moments with our customers. But we find ourselves burdened by increasingly fragmented marketing landscapes filled with platforms that don’t talk to each other, programs that overlap or compete with one another, and metrics that fail to help us identify competitive advantages or overall customer and business value.

Technology is giving modern marketers the ability to put into practice what direct marketers have done for years – marketing to unique individuals. We can now create more meaningful moments than ever, across every channel, every device, at any point in time – all uniquely designed for a specific, real person. This leaves many marketers asking an awkward question: “how do I do it?” The good news is there is an answer.

Leveraging the latest installment of Merkle’s annual thought leadership series, 2017 Marketing Imperatives: The Activation of People-based Marketing, webinar attendees will learn how to:

  • Make advertising more addressable by creating outbound media campaigns that capitalize on individual addressable at scale.
  • Make experiences more personal by managing inbound channel interactions in a way that is personally meaningful to the customer.
  • Manage customer relationships over time by linking inbound and outbound customer experiences over time to optimize relationships and overall business objectives.




Adam Lavelle

Chief Solutions Officer
Merkle, Inc.

As Chief Solutions Officer for Merkle, Adam helps our clients across industries to achieve their marketing objectives, by leveraging our full range of services and capabilities.
Adam has 20 years of interactive expertise helping clients succeed online. He joined Merkle from Hearst Corporation, where he served as CEO of Core Audience (Hearst's trading desk and DMP platform), as well as Chief Strategy Officer of iCrossing (Hearst’s digital marketing agency). Adam ran both corporate strategy and all client-related strategic services for iCrossing, focusing on the agency´s use of search and consumer insights to develop marketing solutions that answer client challenges.
Adam began his digital career at The Internet Group in 1994, where he led the first launch of Mapquest.com. He has also held executive positions at Digitas, Razorfish (iXL/Scient), and Agency.com. He holds a B.A. in Classical Studies and Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, and lives with his wife and two boys in New Jersey.

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