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Introducing M1™: The 100% People-based Insights, Planning, Activation, and Measurement Platform

September 21, 2017
1:00pm - 2:00pm EST


What if you could improve return on ad spend by 20%? Or, what if you could decrease targeting waste by 25%?

On average, today’s leading brands—your competitors—are seeing these transformational results by shifting from a data-based to a people-based marketing approach.

Anonymous targeting tactics, such as cookies, device IDs, panels, and proxies pose challenges and risks to marketers such as duplicated reach, fraud, and an inability to understand consumer path to conversion. Marketers must take advantage of today’s addressable marketing opportunities that are increasingly digital, CRM and consumer data-driven. This can only be achieved by understanding and reaching actual people with advertising and content that's relevant to them as individuals. Meet the M1™ platform.

M1 is Merkle and Dentsu Aegis Network's 100% people-based insights, planning, activation, and measurement platform, that capitalizes on the increasing scale of addressable media opportunities and the industry-wide desire for better accountability of media reach and performance.

Attendees will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the fundamental components required to shift your marketing from data-based to people-based.
  • Hear how leading retail, financial services, and media marketers are using people-based marketing to achieve tremendous results.
  • Get a demonstration of the M1 platform and see how you can easily create audiences using your CRM data and/or thousands of attributes of US consumers at the individual level and simply target addressable media across leading publishers and platforms, including premium media partners like AOL, CBS Interactive, and Pandora.



Gerry Bavaro

Merkle, Inc.

Gerry Bavaro is executive VP, M1, where he oversees the planning and development of Dentsu Aegis Network’s M1 platform, 100% people-based insights, planning, activation, and measurement platform. Gerry is a digital marketing veteran with over 17 years of experience, including roles as chief strategy officer at Omnicom Media Group's Resolution Media, senior VP-performance marketing at Digitas, executive VP at Didit and account director at Agency.com.


Nicholas Illobre

VP, M1 Head of Product Strategy
Merkle, Inc.

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