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Data-Driven Marketing for All Email: B2B to B2C


There's no doubt that most modern marketers have their pulse on the numbers, but unfortunately that pulse isn't always on the right numbers. Join Cassie Lancellotti-Young and William Lum as they dive into trade-offs between quantity and quality in the marketing funnel, and specifically how that plays out pragmatically for both B2B and B2C companies - including what organizational alignment and commitment must look like to make it happen.

From a B2B perspective, William will discuss how Adobe has used data to fuel its marketing program, ranging from team structure right through what processes, systems and data are used to inform their programs. From a B2C perspective, Cassie will review the importance of playing the marketing "long game." To date, marketing tech and ad tech have been largely built around helping marketers to drive conversions today, often with little regard for what happens downstream. We'll speak about ways to balance short-term wins and long-term engagement strategies, and what metrics can help guide marketers in that process. Key themes include:

  • Building a company culture focused on data
  • Driving technology adoption based on business needs (vs. the other way around)
  • Planning for change vs. reacting to needs
  • Leveraging retention data to optimize new customer acquisition
  • Measurement tools to assess downstream subscriber/customer behavior



William Lum

Senior Manager, Marketing Applications

Currently manages a team that is responsible for the systems and processes Adobe’s Marketers use to plan and execute marketing campaigns. Started years ago at Adobe, by embedded Marketing Automation as a core element in Adobe Marketing in the forms of Lead Nurture, Lead scoring and Lead Management. Helped realigned and standardize the funnel and the processes around it, as Adobe acquired a number of companies to form the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Previous to Adobe, pioneered the Marketing Automation space before it was a category, developing best practices that are widely used today.


Cassie Lancellotti-Young

EVP Customer Success

Cassie is EVP Customer Success at Sailthru, where she works with top media and retail brands to strengthen customer retention with multi-channel personalization and predictive analytics. Formerly a Sailthru client and a long-time consumer marketer, Cassie joined Sailthru from Gerson Lehrman Group where as VP Marketing Analytics & Intelligence, she led GLG's intrapreneurship efforts and evangelized lean development across the organization. Prior to GLG, she served as VP Marketing for Savored (acquired by Groupon in 2012).

Previously, Cassie was an early employee at TheLadders.com, where she spent several years managing direct marketing and analytics for the company's subscription business. She began her career as a media and technology analyst at Citigroup Global Corporate & Investment Bank and has also held a variety of consulting roles with leading digital brands such as AOL and SapientNitro. Cassie graduated from Duke University and holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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