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Strategy, Data, and Technology — The Three Foundations Needed to Send More Personalized Emails


While data is the thread that ties everything together, there are three parts to a successful B2C segmentation and personalization implementation: Strategy, Data, and Technology. We will cover the 3 things for each these three pillars to get you to your ultimate personalization goal(s).

Key takeaways you'll be able to take back to the office:

  • an integrated approach to email personalization,
  • leveraging data to inform your communication strategy,
  • things you can implement today that will impact tomorrow’s results,
  • good examples and the incremental impact each part contributes, and
  • bad personalization examples.



Michael Kelly


Michael Kelly co-founded ClickMail in 2000 after years of successfully selling eMessaging platforms in the Enterprise marketplace, and today is regarded as one of the industry’s most knowledgeable email platform experts. He has an in-depth knowledge of email technology and how that technology can be used for maximum effectiveness and ROI. Michael understands the complexities of the technology but communicates the results in plain speak for his audiences, helping ClickMail clients and partners to connect the dots toward realizing and actualizing the lifetime value of their customers, making him a popular speaker at ESP user conferences and industry events.


Jason Fordham

VP, Platform

As the Vice President of Product as SmarterHQ, Jason defines and drives the product strategy and vision for SmarterHQ. With more than ten years of expertise in both the technical and marketing sectors of the ecommerce industry, Jason is a thought leader and expert source for clients, prospects, and partners.


Julianna Renaud

Senior Email Strategist; Web Analytics Strategist
Blue Moon Digital

As a Sr. Email Strategist, Julianna is responsible for the development and implementation of comprehensive email marketing strategies for her clients. Julianna has over ten years of traditional and digital marketing experience while working for both B2B and B2C companies, but has spent the last five years of her career focusing on generating engagement and revenue for companies through email marketing.

In addition to her strategic email role, Julianna analyzes client’s on-site data and audits the technical implementation of analytics tracking to ensure the accuracy of the data and for the development of actionable insights.

Julianna’s cross-channel experience has led to an in-depth knowledge of email channel performance and its impact on key business objectives.

Julianna has an MBA from Indiana University and a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media from Northern Arizona University.

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