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Understanding Cross-Channel Attribution: A Primer on User-Level Attribution Analytics


A majority of marketers are aware of classic Marketing Mix analytics and how it can be used to measure business performance and inform future investment allocation decisions. However, as digital channels continue to increase in importance and take on a greater share of marketing budgets across industries, it is more critical than ever to understand the performance of investments at an increasingly more granular level: creative, publisher, technology type, etc. Cross-Channel Attribution is a powerful analytic approach that provides that level of insight and be used by both marketers and agency partners to drive real-time decision-making to improve tactical execution of your digital investments.



Michael Bertie

Group Director
MarketShare: A Neustar Solution

For the past 12 years, Michael has been delivering analytically-driven marketing insights and recommendations to Fortune 500 clients across industries including Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Consumer Electronics, Spirits, OTC Medications, Pharma and Consumer Packaged Goods. As a Group Director at MarketShare, Michael leads teams that leverage analytics and software to provide insights, planning and advisory services to C-level and other senior executives across clients and agency partners.

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark What is the difference between Marketing Mix and Cross-Channel Attribution? Do I really need both?
  • checkmark What types of insights and learnings can I expect from Cross-Channel Attribution?
  • checkmark What data sources are used in Cross-Channel Attribution?

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